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Best Instagram Captions, you can use for your profile picture – Part II

“Savage Instagram Captions”

A constant touch of sweetness linked all hearts, the throb of one adoration’s single bliss in a rapt either of undying love. An inner happiness abode in all, A sense of universal harmonies, A measureless secure eternity of truth and beauty and good and joy made one.

  • Today I’ll wear your lies to show you how naked you made me look.
  • I’m not afraid of Karma. I undress that Bitch every night.
  • Let’s explore the world. I with my thoughts and you with your mouth.
  • I’ll erase those stars & burn that Moon. I’m an artist baby. My words will make the flowers bloom.
  • Be the need they greed for.
  • After 1 hour of explanation: I understood that they wanted to listen to me But they didn’t want to understand me.
  • We often lose ourselves in search of love.
  • In a crowd but all alone, Engulfs you and hold you tight like no other friend.
  • While everyone basked in the sunshine, he drenched in her tears.
  • One day she came to live in his heart. He locked her & she never went away.
  • The same person who can make you laugh so hard , can even make you cry silently inside the four walls.
  • You don’t need to wear a mask to be a super hero….
  • Technology has literally made a mole out of a mountain.
  • She is the only one who never dreams to have a husband like her father.
  • He perceive “philophobia” visualising the seperation of his parents, but then he met a beautiful, ambivert girl and this phobia turned into potency.
  • Some sleep to feel relaxed; Some sleep to wake up, Some sleep to dream, But secretly, i sleep to have a tour to my surreal world.

I like leaving things with imagination.

you know?

Like not painting the entire picture with sensory inputs.

  • “Some things just never get along. So was the instance with love and I.
  • I’m pregnant with what you called Love. I’m soon going to deliver your lies.
  • Can you suck those moments outta me which you fucked into me?
  • I ain’t no Queen. I’m one fucking haunted palace you never dared to explore.
  • No religion could ever undo those two naked souls.
  • Whenever you can spare your precious time, you could upload the temple bells or cigarette one as and when it’s suit dear.
  • She was his secret, the favourite untold. Moulded childhood and love so old; Eagerly waiting to be revealed, unaware that he loved “mysteries”.
  • Let’s play tug of war, If you win, you can tie me with those ropes & make love to me.If I win, consider yourself hanged!
  • I’ve the strongest attachment with him , but then he never have mercy on my infinite love .
  • “She,” the answer he could never give to the world.
  • I had a queen someone out there had an ace i thought i was the king but you know ace wins the game.
  • If i had to choose between her and the road, somehow the road seems less lonely.
  • If loving her was a crime, i’ll happily accept as a prisoner in Tihar Jail.
  • Love me as a proverb rather than a quote.
  • New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.
  • Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.
  • Your goodnights have turned sad as your life headed for another lad.
  • “Love hurts” was something he never agreed to till the day she left him.
  • You will break, but oh, you will also heal.
  • One day, i would be known as a poet & she would be my famous poetry.
  • Don’t rush for something you want to last forever.
  • Don’t give up even at your worst, miracles happen everyday!
  • Struggle for what you want to lasts forever, the universe also falls in love with the stubborn heart!
  • Physics tells you that weight of anything is measured in ‘newton’, but i measure myself in ‘YOU’.

Hands to hold, fingers to fold, heart to beat, reasons to meet, eyes to stare, someone to care, shoulder to rest, love to digest, company to walk, ears to talk, soul to touch, things I’m about to search.

  • I realized the distance between our hearts when i said “i’m okay” and you agreed it at once.
  • I had everything I wanted and I lost it all.
  • There’s a message in the way a man treats you. Just listen
  • Sometimes, people come and go, but their love stays. …And sometimes, people stays but their love comes and goes away.
  • Whenever you can spare your precious time, you could upload the temple bells or cigarette one as and when its suits dear.
  • She didn’t choose this life; she chose him. The life was just a part of the deal.
  • “Terror gripped my body, and I gripped his hand” My father my superhero.
  • Yes, I’ll fall short in your eyes sometimes. Yes, there will be times when I’m impossible but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
  • You are a trouble, And i know that very well, but i want to fall in trouble there’s nothing else that i can tell.
  • Every time i look into your eyes i see it, you’re all i need.
  • Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles… the problem is, they are not noticed.
  • Playing was his hobby since long. But who knew that once, he’d play with hearts.
  • “He saw the wind gushing out of his wings, but still chose the sky as his medicine”.
  • “There’s this confoundedly strange irony with me,– It is both the healer and the killer.”
  • Play your game wisely the words CHECK MATE should always be yours.
  • Sometimes I hear echoes of your voice. Oh, these letters in my closet.
  • “As the diary pages smell of betrayal” …rose felt suffocated.
  • He kept playing with her feelings and she kept letting him win.
  • “Why do you write?” “Because it helps to fill that hole dug deep inside me.”

Mirror was no more her friend, as she finds herself smudged. Finds her virginity smudged.

Now silence was her new bestfriend, but then he came. A new reason came, reason that swapped her to her old version, version that was his mirror.

A new start, A bright start, A start which gave her a untouched air to breath, A start which is seized her out of death.

  • “She was like a flower, left her fragrance even in the hands, who left her devastated.”
  • It was just last night, that you walked in again and told me that you’re so close, yet so far.– It was again in my dreams.
  • “The sad part is not that people can’t alleviate me, but the one that can,– wouldn’t do it.”
  • Sharing dreams with each other; about their future together, she tries again to wish for a dream, this time in refusal, her heart screams.
  • “He wanted to travel the world, so he kissed her, caressed her body. And, in that hiatus of time, he travelled his world.”
  • “And then, i smiled.– For i knew,i could live without anyone now.”
  • “His dreams of her woke him up and kept him wondering whether it was a blessing that he could be with her, atleast in his dreams or a cuss that he could be with her, but only in his dreams.”
  • He was a cosmic attraction; his energy fucked my soul and made it see light again.
  • “He knew she was gone. when he held her hand and didn’t feel that warmth anymore.”
  • That is the cliche of life. Things never get any better, they just set in. And, we have to live and that’s what we do.”
  • I will repaint my life, but this time without the shades of your presence.
  • “It’s not that i’m afraid of love, i just hate the idea of it. It’s painful, futile and overrated.
  • Aspiring to spread love in a world deeply filled with hatred, she bagan to hate herself.
  • I believed you were my forever. And you promised u’ll leave me never, But life’s not a silent viewer, Grilling is his hobby, be it whomsoever.
  • “And maybe, in the parallel world, our forever will last.”
  • “I will never betray you, like most of the others do, these days. I will take care of you and will never leave you alone till my last breath.”

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