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“Best Instagram Captions”

“And when they ask you about me and you find yourself thinking back on all of our memories, I hope you ache in regret as the truth hits you like a bullet and you find yourself replying; ‘She loved me more than anyone else in the entire world and i destroyed her’.

  • “My emotional investment to you will always keep me at loss.”
  • The Prettiest smile hide the deepest secrets.
  • “And just like every brokenhearted person, I became a writer, too.”
  • You touch me with your talks and I touch you with my words.
  • I find my fabrics more loyal they do tear over time but still hold on the cloth.
  • Broken pieces of his heart still craves for the love which he will never get.
  • A rose is just a flower for me but if given by you than every petal of it, is worth admiring.
  • Everything seems easy but than, we start building experience.
  • He was the book I wanted to write.
  • Self conversation: “Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?” “Naaahh”.
  • I can’t fear pain, no longer… I have died thousand times.
  • On a very fine day. Her soul found herself a happy place. (a letter from heaven).
  • Never thought that sharing random things everyday, would be so addictive some day!
  • “Feelings often encounter adulteration over material”.
  • Parents are like stars, they break…to fulfil their children wishes.
  • She loved him and he loved her but it wasn’t that simple.
  • He taught me to smoke. We always smoke together. He left, smoking did not.
  • We are exploring each other everyday and what we are finding is ourselves.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to shine. Remember, the sun doesn’t give a fuck if it blinds you.
  • Nothing makes a room emptier than wanting someone in it.
  • No one cares, unless you are rich, beautiful or dead !
  • Mere eagerness to see my first crush made me organize a school reunion.
  • And she is breathing to survive without her love of life.
  • Just because trash can be recycled doesn’t mean your ex deserves another chance.
  • Of all the lies I’ve heard, “I love you” was my favourite.
  • Tears were her destiny…Earlier with him.. now without him.
  • World would be much better place to live in if men at arms battered solicitude.
  • My roots will swim the soil just to meet your soul.

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Instagram Captions
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  • The most beautiful lines of my poetry are being stolen from his palms.
  • You and I were probably never meant to be, So i loved every single second that i spent with you.
  • I can be naked Infront of him.  And I know he’ll never hurt me or take me for granted.
  • I’ll always exists like an illusion near you..
  • I can still hear your name when my heart is calling out..
  • “Staring at the same sky they gazed different stars.
  • It’s not trying to hold on anymore it’s of letting of things that are meant to be left behind.
  • One changed mind.Two heart Broked.
  • I was ready to fight the world for you, but you gave up on us.
  • Every broken piece of mine blush knowing that you’re a perfectionist but still love the mess i am, inside and out.
  • I regret on my lips because they hurt you more.
  • When people would be sleeping my virtue would be increasing.
  • When people rest I plan, When they plan I execute. Faster than their thoughts.
  • When a boy drinks or smokes, it is injurious for his health but when a girl does the same it is injurious for her character.
  • I didn’t give up on you. I gave up on myself, on my ability to see you not loving me enough.
  • I wish he could hear that one beat i skip every time he’s near.
  • Repeat this until you understand it: “I do not need people who do not need me”.
  • And suddenly every line, every word, every little beat of the song reminded him of her. Like it was just made to describe her.
  • I know that you were perfect for me, but i also knew that you were not happy with me.
  • Broad about your flaws and the world will trample you. Flaunt them with dignity and the world will follow you.
  • “He loved the broken part of her, and for the first time she felt whole.”
  • Those words who once were adorable are now bitter to listen.
  • Your mind is your instrument. Learnt to be its master not it’s slave.
  • For others it was just a phone number. But for her, it was the largest file in her memory.
  • I knew it was all over when you thought i was fine, just like my message said, when actually i was falling apart.
  • Trusting cigarettes more than men; she could damage her lungs, not the heart anymore.
  • “Tonight let me be with you rather than your memories with her”, she thought.
  • I’m the boy that always has his phone in his hands, headphones in his ears, and that one girl on his mind.
  • Some things just never get along. So was the instance with love and I.
  • She was as beautiful as the moon. But he was unaware of the fact that the silvery moon also has scars on it.
  • Music is a drug that can heal mood swings, heart breaks and bad days.
  • In the end it doesn’t matter who came and left, what matters is who stayed. Those are the people worth writing about.
  • He kept playing with her feelings and she kept letting him win.
  • The unremitting thirst of that girl’s soul made that boy conquer everything except the loneliness of his heart.
  • She never needed drugs. Everything that she loved destroyed her enough.
  • “She smiled.– And, he knew that he won’t be the same, ever again.”
  • She chose her words carefully to get into his heart but all he did was speak carelessly to break hers.
  • Playing was his hobby since long. But who knew that once, he’d play with hearts.
  • “At the horizon, where the moon kisses the earth,– You’ll find me, waiting for you.”
  • “Then she stopped at nothing to reach her goals”.
  • Society needs to realize that sometimes boys fall apart too.
  • “It just happened” was a myth, until one day it just happens.
  • Tonight let me be with you rather than your memories with her”.
  • A blade then, a pen now… I never stop bleeding for you.


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