Dear Diary

LUST: A different thirst! (Burned the world of love)

So What is Lust?

Lust, Simply put is intense desire. Usually it has a sexual orientation.But lust is not equivalent to love.Love and lust and two completely different things.While love holds a sort of emotional and physical connection, lust mainly holds a very intense physical attraction.Sometimes these attraction can be backed up by the pure greed of a human body, which can be quite dangerous.

When he comes…


Dear Diary,

I want him. Every bit of him, I want to consume him like he’s water. This thirst is real, I feel as though i can’t go on, as though i am slowly dying of dehydration. His perfectly toned body, his beautifully carved face, his moist lips.ugh.How can i stop thinking about him. This rush I feel is greater than any I have ever felt, his body makes my body quiver without even touching it. I can only imagine what I would do if I got him alone in a room.I know he likes me, but I told him I want to take it slow;I regret that. Maybe I can keep my barbaric urges under control; but what if i loose it?.Fuck. He’s so perfect.

Added to his perfection is his smell, he smell’s like musk and bergamot, how is anyone suppose to resist that? Maybe i’ll plan it out. Maybe i’ll tell him to come over some day. Play some nice soothing music and pop open a bottle of wine; you know just to set the mood. I know exactly how I will do him; i’ll probably start with his stomach, It’s my favorite, it’s also the easiest to cut open. He will satisfy my lust and then I can stay peacefully for a while. When he comes, I will finally be satisfied.

By: Yianna Joy

Instagram Handle: @yianna_joy

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