Top 6 Poetry of the Month (April) I Latest Collection

Sometimes when darkness takes hold it can be hard to break free but you know you are stronger than you feel the light you seek is within and in time it will overcome any darkness you face and guide you to where you need to be.

1. “Invisible Wounds” by That Little Girl.

Wounds that bleed, from her words.

Wounds that, made that little girl A writer.

He never knew that,  she could scribble Because he found her as a riddle.

He used to write. And she was a great listener.

And now when he is gone, She herself is a writer.

Now all she wanted was, to get herself heard by him.

But he gave her, a big screem.

All she now wanted, was to get noticed.

Noticed by his words, By which she got flourished.

He became the reason, for her tales.

And here another story walls.

2. “Domestic Violence” by Khadija Modi.

Again i was asked to go back to the house

where nobody gives me respect,

Nobody loves me there but my own parents

ignored this fact.

“After marriage, that’s my home, that’s

where i belong”, they said

But at that place, i feel trapped but how i

wish they would have cared.

In that house, every night he fights,

screams, beats with belt and what not,

This is not what i deserve, this is not for what with him, i tied the knot.

Parents didn’t let me stay in my own house,

and to that ‘so called’ home, i didn’t want to go,

So i left both the houses, that town and went somewhere where nobody would trace me, nobody would know.

This life is gifted, it is precious to me, this body doesn’t deserve to be filled by wounds and scars,

Now whom will you beat dear husband,

when you’ll come home late at night drunk from the bars?

3. “How i met the One” by Ria Sharma.

Saw you there dim lights, loud music

Alcohol in my veins, Smell of cigarettes in my hair

I wore red silk,

You looked like a king of multiple reigns

Danced through the night

Smoked dried herbs.

Somehow somewhere, we both knew

Nobody does this, but we just might

Because we’re free birds who that night, just flew

Heard you had to leave

Couldn’t tell you, I wanted you to stay

Hugged you goodbye

thought thought and thought about our eve

Didn’t feel like it, but wanted to play

Seeing you go made me want to cry

Did so little to find you

Never really expected

That I’d get what I wished for

But there you stood, out of the blue

Your face shining, eyes tinted

Strong face, just like Thor.

But now you’re here

As somebody, I can proudly call mine.

I’m secure to confide in

A boy, for I know somewhere

This is who I want, no matter what the time

Like a fish knows it wants her fin.

Love poetry
Best of the Month

4. “Silence” by Bhairavi Thul

What does silence mean to you?

Definitely not a game or a flu.

Sitting next to my window I felt the air,

The air that silenced every noise there.

Introspecting myself, what’s good or bad,

I forget all the stuff that made me sad.

This silence brings myself to me,

Encouraging, there is beyond the horizon to see….

I dig deep into my thoughts,

Finding the prizes for what I fought.

This silence brings out the Victoria in me,

The very next moment, the Hitler  in me….

All these thoughts fighting for their right,

This silence comes into light.

Making my heart all soft and benign,

Bringing down the chaos to the silence of the dropping pin.

This silence gives us so much to learn,

For this , has helped the lives that we yearn.

5. “Next to you” by Nandini Kaushik

Laying next to you-

is sleeping amongst baby wipes.

Yes, you smell the perfect amount of flowers & honey at the same time.

Laying next to you-

is colliding with a thousand moons in a mushy car with “can’t help falling in love” playing on a loop in my mind.

Laying next to you-

is shouting at the top of my voice with one foot in air & other on the edge of a cliff showing a sign,

‘For heaven: proceed further, one mile’.

Why does laying next to you feels like drowning amongst moon struck tides with dreams & reality

sailing on the same side?

6. “Reminders” by Sichita Parija

The soothing breeze of spring,

Reminds me of you..

For the way, our conversations swing from anything to everything.

The fallen leaves, in autumn,

Remind me of you..

For the way, i fall you, every time you say something cute.

The calmness of winters,

Remind me of you..

For the silence between us, which i find worth feeling.

The lightening during rains..

Remind me of you..

For the spark that i see in you..

The heat of summers,

Remind me of you..

For the kind of warmth which i feel while talking to you..

Though these changes in seasons make me even more vulnerable,

But i find them worth experiencing, just because it’s ‘you’.

Best of Month (March) 


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