Broken heart

Broken things make noise, Broken hearts not so much.

I wrote this for my friend, when he was going through a heartbreak. I hope these words will helps you to recover from those days. First story is Heartbreak and the next one is Unsent Mails.


(Story 1)

With every line saying “I love you” Followed by an “Okay”.

With every time you wanted to meet love, Love was busy studying, love had other plans, love had excuses, love had time for other things except you.

Perhaps you said ‘I love you’ too much earlier before knowing whether there was gonna be a sunrise after his sunset. Perhaps you gave all you had, made changes hoping that love would stay.

And maybe if you had the chances to show love that it was the thing that gave your heart a beat and how it was everything you ever received, Love might’ve stayed. But here you’re dealing with a heartbreak instead.

Cry. There is nothing wrong in clearing your eyes with salt water instead of tap water. Brew coffee with your eyes open because lying to yourself when you are awake is much easier than waking up and having “Her” on your head. Its 2 and 3 and now 4 AM it is, a ‘you’ that used to go to sleep hoping that his dreams with her would come true now watches ever thing shatter.

You fought, you loved, you hoped, you felt, you caressed her scars!!! You’re a warrior and this heartbreak just sharpens your sword. Heartbreak is not about being okay, it’s about remembering that you were okay before this, It’s about saying that you could be something more than this fucking okay.

“Ride through my memory lane, touch and feel everything kept up on there, and ask yourself how is he still able to love people again?”

Unsent Mails…

(Story 2)

I won’t begin with “Hello” or “How are you?” because i know how things have been between us lately.

So here’s everything i want you to know.

First off,

You’re my world, and for now i don’t think my ‘world’ is doing okay. I know this distance and this communication gap is making you to overthink about me, about us. I know how tough it is for both of us. We have every possible reason to not to be together but our love always needs one reason to stay and that reason will always be the way we feel about each other. I love you, More than words could describe or my mouth could speak. But this is tough,

I don’t get to meet you in person and thus it creates, a lot of misunderstandings between us but believe me you’re and always will be the only one special in my life. Please cope up for now! If we survive through this phase of our lives than i’m sure we’ll survive through anything ahead. This will only make us strong.

Hope you felt every word that you just read, please keep your faith in me because i promise I’m not gonna betray you. You’ll always be my oxygen, the one that keeps me breathing. Love you.

“Just a saved draft in his mails.”

By: Krutarth Parmar

Instagram Handle: @krutarth_parmar1

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