“Can Nightmares ever come true?” – I When fantasies come true I

When Fantasies Come True…

“So, wrote something new?!”

A soft voice whispered from behind.

“Just about to complete it.”

Sapna had always been the first to read near about everything I wrote.

She was, actually a compatible & best companion anyone would wish to have!


It was a rainy day, while I entered the school campus, as always I rushed towards the class, passing through the, school ground.

“You have a mark of mud, on your face!”

I heard a soft voice, tittering while staring towards my face.

I took out my handkerchief & started wiping the mark, but wasn’t able to locate it.

“Let me help you out!”

She took out her pink handkerchief & started wiping the mark.

“Don’t stare at me like this, everyone will think we love each other!”

I suddenly kept my eyes apart, & an awkward silence followed!

“Why are you so, serious, i was kidding yaar calm down, i don’t love you!”

We laughed, but actually it was a surprising moment for me, suddenly a girl comes to notice me, wipe that scar off my face, it was completely new, & I was giving a ‘how to react’ type of reaction in front of her.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Shorya” – I answered abruptly.

“I am Sapna, nice to meet you!”. I gave an awkward smile, while she asked me:  “Can’t you be a bit normal, i mean, I am not any ghost you must be scared of!”

“Actually, you are the first girl who has noticed me & talked to me for a long time!”

“Ohh, then I must say all those girls missed out something interesting!” She stared at me with flirtatious eyes.

Again, I looked away, embarrassing because of her words!

“You are too cute!” She smiled & left!

I went on towards my class, & as usual occupied the last bench.

“Can I sit here?” Someone with a melodious voice whispered, I was a bit familiar with the voice.

I turned back.


What a surprise!, I never thought we belonged to the same class!”

It was a new session, & we had some new admissions too, Sapna was one of them.

“I never expected you to be my classmate!” I whispered.

While she sat beside me, on the same bench. This was completely a new feeling for me, I never thought that I would get such a companion whom I would really rely upon!

It was yet another day, when I saw, that there was no one beside me, I took out my diary, which contained all those scribblings which I never shared to anyone. I started writing something about Sapna’s arrival, while I felt an hand on my shoulders.

“What are you writing?”

I panicked & suddenly kept the diary inside my bag.

It was Sapna, she sensed something is wrong & asked me to take out the diary.

“There’s nothing important, it’s just our mathematics assignment notebook.”

“Look, you can’t fool me, I know there’s something related to me in it!”

“Nothing like that, I’m not leing.”

“Ok, you won’t tell me na, then please don’t talk to me from now!”

& obviously, when a girl demands something, you have to give up, as you don’t have any choice either!

I took out that diary, & gave it to her,she started from the last page, which I wrote just now!

”Sapna” the name, which won’t ever stop fluttering in my mind, even when I have thousands of things to think about, this name, just comes ahead, & I’m lost, amidst in her looks, her smile, near about everything, it’s like a dream come true, to have someone like her, I had Friend’s so far, but since I met her, she’s the most important, she has taught me the real meaning of what friendship is, even I can’t ever express whenever she’s in front of me, but I never want to lose someone like her in my whole life!”

I could clearly, see those crystal clear tears which flowed from her eyes, while she left without uttering a word!

I kept the diary in my bag & ran towards Sapna to follow her.

I saw her, entering the library, where we used to read our favourite novels.

She wasn’t able to control her tears. Fortunately the librarian wasn’t present there so I could talk to her clearly.

“I told you not to read the diary!, I’m really sorry that I hurt you, it contains all those secrets, which I hide from the whole world!”

She suddenly hugged me, tightly as she could, & silently whispered in my ears.

“I can’t live without you, I ….. Sudden pause for certain seconds, then suddenly she continued,

“I too don’t ever want to lose someone like you!”

My mind stopped, heart was beating 4 times faster, I wasn’t able to speak up anything, & it was time to pack up all our stuff as the school hours had ended.

She too didn’t speak up any word after that & left the library, I was just lost in her thoughts & trying to realise what had happened a few moments before.

Why did she stopped after I? Did she wanted speak up anything else? Or it was just a coincidence?

& Of course, I never wanted this to go that way, so prayed that she too treats me as her best friend, I thought it, all to be my misunderstanding, & left for home.

Days passed normally, & our bond became stronger.

I think we both were addicted to each other’s presence & we both loved that!

One day, I was seated on the bench situated on the school ground, while Sapna came searching for me.

“Where were you, I’ve been searching you from such a long time?”

“Oh, I was a bit busy!”

She came & sat beside me, while gave me a serious look.

“Did anything happened Sapna?”- I asked

“No nothing like that, I just wanted to give you something.”

“What’s that?”-I asked in excitement.

She took out a pendant which I always, saw around her neck, it contained a real pearl inside & she looked too cute wearing it.

She took it out & kept it on my hand. “Shorya, I know we’ve promised to be together always,but if fate would have any other plans, & if situations ever make us apart, then in my absence, please don’t ever cry, just stare at this pendant, & you’ll feel my presence around you!”

She was crying while she said this, I was actually too confused on how to react on this thing. “But we won’t ever be apart, please do trust me!” I trust you, but don’t have trust on my fate, please do accept it, & yeah I’ll too never leave you alone!”

She hugged me, while I kept that pendant inside my bag.

While I reached home, her thoughts, pondered all over my mind. Few questions followed, Did she loved me?, I was praying that this thing must not come true, as i hated all those complications in our relationship, & never thought of being so mature to handle that! Why did she would have given me that pendant, however it was something she loved too much!?

Lost in all those thoughts, I closed my eyes & slept, as it was too late now.

The next day, I was, seated in the school ground, while Samir came towards me.

“Hey, what’s up? It’s been such a long time we haven’t met!”

We were shuffled in different classes & suddenly lost contact. “Hi, I miss you yaar, saw you after a long time!”. “You look different bro, not the one who was my friend, you aren’t the same book worm now”

Sapna saw me & came towards us.

“Hey, Shorya won’t you introduce me with your friend?”

“Oh yeah, he’s Samir we are friends since childhood!”

“& Samir, She is the reason of all this drastic change within me, the reason I’m not at all the one I was a year back.”

“Oh, she’s your girlfriend huh!?”

Sapna blushed in response, while I suddenly reacted,

“Nothing like that we are just friends!” Samir gave me an odd look, while i left the place, & sat in the library.

It seemed that all my fears had come true, Sapna didn’t treated me just as her friend, I wasn’t able to believe the truth. How can she do this? I’ve always wanted her to be my best friend!, Why Sapna?, Why did you ruin everything? You did the same thing which I hated the most!!

Suddenly, I started ignoring her, whenever she tried to talk, I would just make an excuse & leave, I could clearly see those tears in her eyes, when I did all that, but still, I didn’t had any choice, I knew these actions of mine would be hurting her the most, but still I had to end it up, otherwise it would reach till such an extent from where we won’t ever be able to come back, it was the first time when love knocked my door, & I was too afraid to open it! I never considered myself so mature at a teenage to handle all that stuff!

After a few days, while I was rushing towards home after the school, Sapna held my hand suddenly, & stopped me on the school ground. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“What did I do?”

“You know that very well!”

She started crying, while I replied

“Look Sapna, please don’t cry, everyone is watching us, can we please go to the near garden to talk about this?”  “Ok.”

She whispered silently, while accompanied me till the garden, it was a hot afternoon, & as usual, noone was present in the garden, we sat on the bench, while she suddenly, and started crying again.

“Please stop crying!”

“Why are you doing this!, Its been 4 days since I haven’t talked to you, I feel so alone Shorya, please don’t do this to me!!”

“Look, I think we should stop talking to each other!”

“But what’s the problem?, We were so happy together!” I didn’t utter a word after that, while she broke the silence again.

“Ok, I can’t bear this hiding from you anymore!, The truth is that ‘I Love You!”

I wasn’t able to believe on my ears, her words echoed thousands of times though!, I couldn’t believe that my Sapna had done something which I hated the most, & at last all those nightmares had come true, while I stood there, being short of words, as i wasn’t able to understand what had happened a few moments back!

“Please say something; your silence is killing me!”

She whispered, while she suddenly noticed those tears coming out of my eyes, while I left that place without uttering a single word!!

Situations can take a sudden curve, I never knew, & this time they had the target on me, I had completely stopped talking to her, while she always tried to!, Whenever accidentally our eyes met, hers seemed to shout madly on me.

“Why? What was my fault? What did I do? I have hundreds of reasons to love you!, I love you from the shores of my heart, I couldn’t ever bear to spare any second without you!!, I need you Shorya please do come back!!” I heard it all even, though she was too silent, but her eyes said it!, Still I was helpless, sometimes I too felt to just run away to hug her & never let a tear drop fall from her eyes!, But still that wasn’t possible!, I never had faith on myself, to handle all that, to keep Sapna happy!

8 months later!!

Its been nearly 8 months now, & I still haven’t talked to Sapna, shr tried a lot, but gave up I guess!, I am thankful that she moved on, I pray every moment that she would get someone she deserves, who would love her till infinity, her tears are fading slowly, i think, she had learnt to live without me, sometimes, when I stare at her without her noticing me, I love that smile which was faded away from a few months, I still want her to be my best friend & never want to lose her, but still that isn’t possible, she is too close, but still actually, is too far from me, I too had started trying to live without her….

to be continued…

By: Sanket Panchbhave

Instagram Handle: wordartists , heart_spelled


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