“Get over a relationship that never happened.”

“Sometimes the fear of losing someone becomes the sole reason behind losing them.”

Relationships teach us a lot of things about ourselves and others. We may not like them, but they definately make us tougher and a better person.

Sometimes, we don’t realize the importance of a person when they are around and take them for granted. We realize that we are the only one in the relationship but our soul refuses to unchain from theirs. We know we are not on their priority list, we know loneliness can hit us anytime but we are unable to initiate the step of separation. We fear the pain we shall feel if we let go. A dilemma of holding on or letting free always keeps striking our head.

“Illness, death or the end of a relationship are surprises that life keeps giving us.”

When we lose something important; we are not only knocked down mentally but physically and emotionally also. Surviving the heartache of a break up is tough, specially when we know we were never meant to part.

Sometimes we get haunted by the fact of letting go, but we cannot because deep down somewhere we wait for the impossible to happen. A part of us wants to forget them and move on but the other part wants to remember them and how happy they made us at that particular time. Anger hurts us more than the person who upsets’ us.

There comes a turning point when we need to choose one side of the coin by letting free or holding on. 

Walk away and don’t look back because if they have only given you heartache and pain, you would be better without them. Cut off all ropes once and for all with people whose love is toxic for your peace of mind.

Move on and let them miss you. You cannot keep holding onto someone who left you long back just because it’s difficult to breathe without them. You can’t keep remembering the happy moments you once shared with them for they have already eroded those chapters of their lives. You can’t claim of loving someone who left you in the middle of nowhere, abandoned you after so much love and care.

Let your heart accept the brittle truth of separation. Let your body adapt the new changes, helping yourself to breathe without them. You should forgive them, for your peace of mind; but do not forget what they did for it changed you to a person you never wanted to become; ‘a stone heart.’ 

Remember, if it has to happen it will happen;

in the wierdest of forms because the envelope of destiny remains closed for us till we get to the last staircase of life.

“Let all the laughs you shared, the memories you built, the dreams you nurtured, the care you offered, the blessings you got, the little things you did for each other and the family you imagined slip away. It will hurt you, it will break you but it will eventually make you grow.”

By: Shravni Kochar

Instagram Handle: shravnikochar


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