found my wrecking ball

I guess I’ve found my Wrecking Ball

I guess I’ve found my Wrecking Ball.

I wrote this while i was going through many things at once. Building walls around myself, i never let people come too close. But somehow someday i still hope to find my “Wrecking Ball.” I guess i’ve found my wrecking ball.”

“Why do you’ve walls built around your heart? she asked me, as we walked down the streets,

“I don’t know why! Maybe my past was just a labourer helping me build these walls.

Maybe people were like cement or maybe i just understood the value of my heart…”

I said to her, with an anxious heart and a fist clenched tight. She spoke nothing for a while, but the gushing wind interpreted her silence; She stopped; held my hand and looked into my eyes.

“What happened?”

I said to her.

By now, the tears were dripping off her crimson red winter kissed cheeks.

“Nothing… i can just feel your past resonating. I can feel the hurt, those songs that used to remind you of her. I could feel how every night your thoughts were nothing but poisonous lullabies.”

She spoke like she was cursing my past, boldly and firmly.

“I don’t want to be just another brick. Helping you suffocate your heart.”

I pulled her close and kissed her forehead, she looked up, trying to utter words but lacking air in her lungs.

“Princess, i was finding someone to build a door around these walls but i guess i’ve found my wrecking ball.”

Their eyes said i love you way before their mouths ever did.

By: Krutarth Parmar

Instagram Handle: @krutarth_parmar1

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