#Submit your Stories

Content Submission Guidelines—

Please follow these instructions and increase your chances to be chosen one.

a) Original Content: Content should be yours. Not rephrased, not copied and nor similar to any idea which is previously there. TLDR: Be original. All submitted entries are verified, so don’t embarrass yourself by sending copied content.

b) Word Limits: By adhering to word limits, you compete with content in your preferred genre. MicroTale word limit is 23 words. If you are submitting a Snippet, then make sure it is within 40 words. Musings should be within 32 words, and stories have no word limit. Write all you want.

c) Selection Time: It takes time for us to approve and finally put up the tale on our social media handles. Please don’t ask us how many days it will take for your tale to be live. Submit your tale and wait.

d) Submission Title: Please specify what you are submitting in ‘Title’, that way you are making things a bit easier for us.